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Docker FAQ

Can you help me install Docker? #

Because of all the options Docker supports, we recommend you reach out to Docker for assistance, there are service plans available and many professional service teams who will be able to help you get Docker installed. Check out

Glossary of Useful Docker Commands #

docker –help

List of commands available in Docker and their syntax.

docker-compose up

Brings up the containers and installs the software, configures all of the ports based on the Docker-compose.yaml

docker-compose up -d

Brings up all of the containers and installs the software in detach mode (background)

docker-compose down

Brings down all of the containers, closes the programs and closes the network connections.

docker-compose pull

Gets the latest images for the Lark Router (Upgrades)

-Keep in mind that it is good practice to prune old images.

-See Docker Image Prune for details.

docker-compose up -d –remove-orphans

Brings up updated images and removes orphaned containers

docker image prune

Removes unused images.

docker container ls

Lists all of the running containers.

docker ps

Lists all of the running containers

docker ps -a

Lists all of the containers (running and stopped).

docker exec -it <<CONTAINER ID>> /bin/bash

Connect to a running container.

docker image ls

Lists all of the images downloaded.

docker rmi skycore/postgres

Removes the Postgres Image.

docker rmi skycore/larkd

Removes the Lark Router Image.

docker kill skycore/postgres

Force quits the Postgres container.

docker kill skycore/larkd

Quits the Lark Router container.

More Docker information is available at