Lark Router for Carriers

The Lark Router allows Mobile Network Operators and carriers to offer A2P MMS on their network for added revenue and RCS fallback. You can connect to your current aggregator and wholesale partners using industry standard protocols. You can route accepted A2P MMS messages to your MMSC or terminate them directly over MM1 to your subscribers. You can log and bill for messages flowing through your system.

  • Lark Router can be used to route messages inside your secured network, minimizing the ‘holes’ needed to be added to your firewall.
  • Lark Router is priced the way you buy and sell A2P messaging today. Per MMS or Per subscriber.
  • No upfront capital expense means you can grow at your own pace.
  • Our web-hooks allow you to tailor the system to fit your needs.
  • You own the infrastructure, keeping the data secure for you and your customers.