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Frequently Asked Questions

How does transactional billing work?

The Lark Router implements a license validation and metered billing subsystem. A Licensee must obtain a license key which will unlock the full functionality of the software. Without a valid license, Lark Router throttles outgoing messages down to one message per minute. Each Lark Router component periodically reports hourly unique recipient counts to the license server, which then bills the licensee for usage on a periodic basis.

How often is a licensee billed?

You will be billed on a monthly basis based on the day you obtain your license key. Your payment method will be automatically charged unless you have a separate contract with different payment terms. Your billing plan and payment options are linked to your license key.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card and ACH payments for our standard plans.

What happens if a licensee does not pay?

If you do not pay your license key will be disabled. When this happens your installation will show an invalid license on the interface and your throughput will be throttled down. You will be notified prior to your license key being disabled in order to update your payment methods.

What happens if my server cannot not reach the license server?

If a licensee’s server cannot reach Larks license server, Lark router will store the message counts internally and retry each hour. After 72 hours your installation will be considered unlicensed and your servers messaging throughput will be throttled down.

What if I need to change my payment method?

Under our support page there is an option to update your billing information, If you change your account information you may be sent a new license key. This key should replace your existing key. Your system will still run with the old key, but it will not have the latest owner information

Can I share my license key with a customer or partner?

No, each business must have their own license key in order to receive support and updates. If you give your customer your license key there will also be no way to differentiate the messages on your invoice.

If a message is rejected am I still billed for it?

If the message is accepted by the Lark Router it is considered a billable message. If a message is rejected during the submission to the Lark Router, then it would not be considered billable. You can use the dynamic routing modules to reject any message before it is accepted.

Can I send messages without a license key?

Yes, however your messages will be throttled at 1/MMS per minute.

If I setup a UAT environment am I still billed for it?

As long as the license key is activated in your instance then your messages will be billed. If you remove your license key you will not be billed for messages but the gateway will be throttled.

What if I would like training or assistance on implementation?

We want you to be successful, we have a Professional Services team who can assist you. Implementation, Training, Premium Support. Let us know your needs and we can work out a plan that fits.

I would like to bill my customers by the message, is this possible?

The Lark Router logs the CDR for each message, there are also multiple webhooks (API’s) that can be used to notify your billing system of every message your customers send and receive.